Natasha Nadel

The Healthy Family, Healthy You Cookbook: The Healthy Mama's Guide to simple, healthy versions of your family's favorite foods

Start Feeling Happy, Healthy and Empowered Today!The Healthy Family Healthy You Cookbook is a companion to Healthy Family, Healthy You:The Healthy Mama’s Guide to feeding your family well-simply and sanely.This book is written by a journalist who loves to cook; but really, she is just a mom tryingto do her best for children’s health, happiness and longevity – both hers and yours.Studies show that we eat mostly the same weight in food each day. But that doesn’t meanwe spend our entire adult lives the same weight on the scale. Natasha won’t tell you thatyou need to eat “small portions,” or learn to love the metallic taste of artificial sweetenerin your food.There is a different way; one in which you can eat almost as much as you want,feel satiated, improve your health and wellbeing and set your kids up for a healthyrelationship with food and your family for a long, pleasurable life together. These recipeswill get you there!