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Persian Rug Tabriz 50Raj 6'8"x5'1"

Tabriz 50Raj- Size: 6'8"x5'1"- Knot density: approx 291 - 323 / square inch- Manufacturing: Hand-Knotted- Origin: Iran/Persia- Pile: Wool/Silk- Wrap: CottonThis Tabriz 50Raj carpet doubtlessly counts to the most exclusive oriental carpets available. It originates from Persia, which is well-known for its most elaborate craftsmanship in knotting carpets by hand. The carpet has a density of 291 - 323 / square inch demanding an extraordinary high level of experience and skill from its master knotter. At the same time it possesses a very fine composition of ornaments and natural colors. The pile consists of highest quality Wool/Silk making the surface smooth and soft. The thickness of 0.28 in is another proof of the highest level handicraft behind the rug’s crafting. The carpet’s origin and condition are confirmed on a certificate by experts.