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Persian Rug Persian Gabbeh 4'10"x3'3"

Persian Gabbehn- Size: 4'10"x3'3"n- Knot density: approx 58 / square inchn- Manufacturing: Hand-Knottedn- Origin: Iran/Persian- Pile: Wooln- Wrap: WoolnnThis Gabbeh carpet has been knotted by hand from fine natural wool from sheep. It has a beautiful shine and is incredibly soft with a thickness of 0.71 in. The pile of this rug is robust and made in traditional craftsmanship in Iran/Persia. Gabbeh carpets gained popularity during the past years because of their excellent quality and modern design styles. With a density of 58 / square inch an experienced knotter crafted this Gabbeh over a period of several months. The carpet has been checked by our experts and is in perfect condition. It comes with a modern design and in an outstanding quality.