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Persian Rug Nain 9La 4'7"x2'9"

Nain 9La- Size: 4'7"x2'9"- Knot density: approx 261 - 290 / square inch- Manufacturing: Hand-Knotted- Origin: Iran/Persia- Pile: Wool/Silk- Wrap: CottonThis Persian Nain 9La rugs carpet has been knotted by hand in probably the most traditional way of crafting carpets. With its certified origin the carpet embodies highest level of handicraft, the most elaborate way of crafting a carpet by hand. It possesses a density of 261 - 290 / square inch making it a robust piece of art with a long lifespan. The Nain 9La rugs rug has been knotted over a period of several months and has a size of 4'7" by 2'9". Due to its highest level of craftsmanship it has a height of only 0.31 in. The carpet consists of Wool/Silk and has been colored from natural dyes. Thanks to the natural material the carpet is ideal for underfloor heating and children. It weighs 9 lbs and is in perfect condition. The carpet’s condition and origin are verified by our experts on a certificate.