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Persian Rug Kilim Hocker Zweier 3'4"x1'8"

Kilim Hocker Zweier- Size: 3'4"x1'8"- Knot density: approx 0 / square inch- Manufacturing: Hand-Knotted- Origin: Iran/Persia- Pile: Wool- Wrap: WoolThis oriental All Carpets carpet has been crafted by hand in Iran/Persia in traditional craftsmanship. It consists of high quality Wool and is in a perfect condition. Thanks to the knotter’s excellent handicraft, this carpet is a unique piece of artwork. With a density of 0 / square inch the rug is not only fine but also robust. The carpet’s thickness of 0.12 in makes the surface incomparably soft and testifies its high level of quality. The origin of this oriental carpet is confirmed officially in a separate certificate.