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Oriental Rug Baluch 4'2"x2'8"

Baluch- Size: 4'2"x2'8"- Knot density: approx 291 - 323 / square inch- Manufacturing: Hand-Knotted- Origin: Afghanistan- Pile: Wool- Wrap: CottonThis Belutsch carpet originates from Persia and has been knotted from nomads in a smaller town. Its size is 4'2" by 2'8" with a weight of 4 lbs. Thanks to its origin the carpet has been crafted in the most traditional craftsmanship over months of handicraft. With its geometric design patterns this type of Persian rug re-gained a high popularity during the past years. With a pile height of 0.24 in and a knot density of 291 - 323 / square inch the carpet has been crafted to an extraordinary high level of quality and robustness. Nomads used natural dyes for the colors of this carpet made from Wool. It is in perfect condition. You are going to be very fond of this unique piece of highest craftsmanship.