Nail Salon Vinyl Record Wall Clock Fan Art Gift Decor Original Gift Unique Decorative Vinyl Clock 12

UNIQUE AND RELIABLE CLOCK - All made with attention and care to make you happy for a long time our clocks have the following SPECIFICATIONS: · The clock is made with the USED vinyl record 12 inches in diameter · Clock face is the glossy sticker · 1AA battery is required (not included) · Durable aluminum hands · Quartz mechanism is silent and reliable · The clock has a strong hook on the back for easy mounting · Each clock comes in the separate cardboard box, protected with Styrofoam STYLISH AND CREATIVE GIFT - your family and loved ones, friends and colleagues, all will be impressed by the present like this. It will show your care and knowledge about their personality. We can add to the package a gift message from you and send it directly to your friend's address. LIKE THE IDEA BUT DON'T LIKE THE DESIGN? LET'S MAKE A NEW ONE TOGETHER! - Just let us know what you would like to see on your special clock and we will prepare a new design for you. ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE - No new plastics were used for this artwork that makes it perfect for anyone looking for an eco-friendly item. The clocks are made from the USED vinyl record. Because of that, you may notice some tiny scratches on them. Those scratches are an essential part of their unique history and add it antique beauty. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - we need 2 days to make and ship your clock. Then it will take around 10 - 22 working days to deliver it. The shipping time can differ due to customs and post services of every country. We provide the tracking number to each package, so you can check the parcel location anytime (please keep in mind that tracking number can be not visible in the system for a first few days after shipping) IMPORTANT INFORMATION (PLEASE READ ME =)) Our priority is to provide the best customer service. We tend to answer all the letters within 24 hours. In case you have any issues please contact us first before leaving your feedback so we can resolve it in the best way for you.