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Solid Jade Stone Face Sculpture Bookends Set 2, Carved Modern Abstract African

Traditional craftsmanship gets a modern edge with our beautiful, one of a kind sculptures and bookends. Each is hand hewn and hand crafted for a cubist, contemporary look. These sculptures are beautiful standalone art pieces, but can also be used as bookends or paperweights. Each sold separately.-Each bookend approx. 4"L x 2.25"W x 8.5"H. Each weighs approx. 4 lbs.-Hand Carved Solid African Jade.-Hand crafted by African master sculptor Lucky Chimbie and signed.-Themba is the Zulu word for "Hope", and each item in this collection is handcrafted by artisans in Africa as a sustainable way to support their family and community. Each is responsibly and sustainably sourced at a living wage from African craftsmen. Our "Faces of Africa" are hand crafted by native African artist Lucky Chimbie, who is noted for his ability to breathe life into pieces of natural stone. Because of the genuinely handcrafted nature of each piece, no two are exactly alike, and minor imperfections are part of the authentic nature of these non-manufactured items.