Murano Glass

Murano Glass Chalcedony Christmas Ornament, Blue Swirl

Celebrate Christmas the way Venetians have done for centuries by showcasing these gorgeous mouth-blown Murano Glass ornaments on your Christmas Tree. Back in the day when natural minerals were hard-to-find and very expensive, Murano artisans invented glass-making techniques to create imitations of natural stones that would be even more beautiful than those found in nature. Inspired by mineral Chalcedony, these festive handcrafted Venetian glass ornaments feature the same beautiful swirls of colors found in natural Chalcedony deposits. These handcrafted Murano Christmas balls in the shades of blue will dress up your home during this Holiday season and will be treasured by your family for years to come.Far from the ordinary Christmas balls you can find in stores, these exquisite Murano Glass Christmas ornaments were created by the family of Murano masters who have been blowing glass for generations and whose works are displayed in museums and private collections worldwide. These colorful Christmas decorations from Murano Island are unique collectible items that also make beautiful and unique Christmas gifts.Measurements: This Murano Glass Christmas ornament measures approximately 3 inches in diameter and features attached sticker proving its Murano origin. It also comes with the certificate of authenticity.Because each Murano Glass piece is a unique work of art made by hand, some variations of sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes are possible. The use of Chalcedony glass-making technique means that no two items are identical and color patterns may vary as represented by the photos.