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Special Education Teacher Gift - Wine Glass Gift For Autism Teacher - Wine Glass With Gift Box - You Are An Important Piece To My Puzzle Wine Glass Gift

Teachers deserve all the appreciation there is on earth. They ensure that we learn even the most basic of things and more often than not, they morph into our parents without even us taking note of that. It is therefore important to show gratitude to teachers for this. Special education teachers deserve even more appreciation for the tough task that they undertake. These wine glasses customize a message that shows deep gratitude to special education teachers. Each one of these glasses comes with a custom 'You are an important piece to my puzzle' message. The glass is DISHWASHER SAFE, which allows you to clean quite easily without tampering with the quality. The writings remain intact and the glass looks as good as new. We pack each one of the glasses in a beautiful green gift box. You will however need to buy the ribbon separately as we do not sell this together with the glass. Each one of our glasses measures a magnificent 4.5' in height and with a diameter of 3.5'. The same glass also accommodates 15 ounces of wine. What are you waiting for, add to cart now! Custom message - A personalized 'You are an important piece of my puzzle' message makes this perfect gift for a special needs teacher. Sandblasting - We use sandblasting technique for high quality engraving of the personal message to your favorite autism teacher. Lightweight - The glass holds up to 15 ounces of wine in it. This allows you to enjoy enough wine with just one serving. Chip resistant rim - The glass comes with a chip resistant rim that allows it to be used daily without wearing out. Gift box - Each purchase comes with a glossy green gift box for your favorite teacher. Scroll up to add to cart now!