Civilian Die Cut Wallet

Mono Cases has created this limited edition Die Cut Wallet to pay tribute to three years of hard work and grassroots support. With its rugged build, slim profile and thoughtful features, the Die Cut Wallet will manage your finances in style. CompartmentalizedSometimes a little separation is a good thing. Ten discrete compartments are created from a single thin sheet of die cut industrial rubber - the same material Mono Cases use on their industry-leading guitar cases and DJ bags. The minimalist bi-fold design fits larger bills such as Euro and Yen, while a single guitar pick slot hides inside for those emergency situations. Security DetailYou know when you drop your wallet by accident, and all of your credit cards come spilling out? The Die Cut Wallet features a slick snap closure that prevents its contents from spilling out when dropped. It may seem like an extra step at first, but after a week this will be second nature to you. DownsizingBecause the interior compartments are formed by a single die cut sheet, Mono Cases were able to remove 6 layers of material from the typical bi-fold design. The result is a refreshingly slim profile that leaves plenty of room for cash.