Modern Bar LED Straight Slim Pendant, Cool White

COOL LOOK Perfect for modern style offices or work spaces. This light is sure to light up even the largest workspaces.CONTEMPORARY LED LIGHTING These lights are perfect for your home as they shine a bright color light that is easy on the eyes and won'taffect your natural sleep cycles. This light fixture is especially popular in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.MODERN DESIGN Make your home look fresh with a beautiful light fixture that is sure to improve any kitchen or living room. Instantly raise the value of your home it's perfect for remodels!BRIGHT 48W LED BULB Light up the room with our high powered, certified Epistar LED's that will last 50,000 continuous hours. That's 6 years without every turning them off! Enjoy the conveniece of never having to replace a light bulb again.ENERGY SAVING Not only will this light fixture outlast your home, it helps your power bill too! LED's are up to 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and use around 50% less energy than CFL bulbs.ADJUSTABLE LENGTH Whether you have high or low ceilings this LED pendant will fit your situation perfectly. Extend the strings from 1 to 48 inches in length!