300ml Mini Copper Plant Flower Watering Pot Spray Bottle Garden Mister Sprayer

Specification:Capacity: 300mlMaterial: CopperProcess: Mirror Polishing3 Color: Red Copper / Gold / Silver (optional)Size: (Dia.) x (H) 8.5 x 15 cm / 3.35 x 5.91 inch (appr.)Care Instructions: 1. Kerosene, tooth powder descaling: First takes kerosene with cloth to wipe the copper products, and then use tooth powder to wipe.2. Vinegar descaling: Copper rust on copper products, you can use vinegar, right amount of salt and cuttlefish bone to wipe the green copper rust on copper products.3. Lemon j uice descaling: Remove lemon rust with lemon j uice and salt. It will be good to wipe with tin foil, wood chips and salt.Package Included:1 x Mini Watering Can (other decorations shown in the picture Not included)