Mind Reader

MindReader Medicine Ball Strength Training Ball Home Fitness Core Workout Ball

Mind Reader Medicine Ball Strength Training Ball Home Fitness Core Workout BallRubber, Black, 5 kg/11 lb.:CUSTOM RESISTANCE - Choose from a selection of four sizes and weights of medicine balls to find the solution that works best for your workout needs.BUILD YOUR CORE - Develop your core strength with these uniquely weighted balls, which are quickly gaining popularity among home gym setups.FLEX ON EM - Ideally suited for home workouts that target both the upper and lower body, this medicine ball is a versatile tool and a home gym essential.FIND YOUR GRIP - A textured finish helps to ensure that the ball won't slip out of your hands and improves your grip, even during the heat of a heavy workout.DIMENSIONS - 9.25″ diameterWIPE IT DOWN - The Mind Reader medicine ball is designed to be easy-to-clean after your workout session. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.TOUGH ENOUGH - Sturdy rubber construction ensures that your Mind Reader medicine ball will hold up during intense workouts. No peeling or denting in sight!GOT TO BOUNCE - The dense rubber material bounces off hard surfaces such as walls or floors, making it well-suited to medicine ball workouts in a home gym setting.TEAM WORKOUTS - Throw the ball back and forth with a partner in a coordinated workout session to maximize your core engagement.BALANCE BALL - Improve your balance and coordination through medicine ball workouts.