Mind Reader

Mind Reader Ivory Collapsible Plastic Laundry Basket 38 Liter

Keep your dirty laundry out of sight and out of mind The Mind Reader Collapsible Laundry Hamper lets you throw as many clothes into it as you need in a slim and space-saving form factor Whether your clothes are dirty or clean, this hamper for laundry easily stores as much as 38 liters of clothing. It also conveniently comes with built-in handles on both sides We've cut into the sides of the basket frame to allow for a secure and comfortable grip the next time you bring your wicker hamper to the laundry. Mind Reader storage is also made with the very best in high-quality plastic, making it different from mesh laundry bags and other hampers that are made with cheap materials and tear easily. We've also designed it with interlocking wicker that lets air flow freely through your hamper, improving ventilation and preventing any kind of odor build-up that tends to happen with traditional cotton rope baskets. It can be used for all types of organization and storage It's slim but deep enough to cleverly keep all your clothes or items in one space with its slim and sleek form factor. It takes up very little space in your room as it can be conveniently foldable and is perfect for any minimalist home, apartment, or dorm room. Carrying it around is also super easy This hamper comes in at just a little over 2 lbs. in weight, making it light without compromising build quality. Color: Ivory.