Mind Reader

Mind Reader Double Rolling Hamper Laundry Sorter with Lid, Wheels, Handles, 105 Liter, Beige

KEEP THEM SEPARATED - Eliminate the stress of making sure there is no red socks in with your white t-shirts with clearly marked LIGHT and DARK laundry compartments. Easily separate laundry loads as you fill the hamper. STRONG AND STURDY - Constructed from tough polyester and durable aluminum, this hamper withstands the weight of sorting your dirty laundry without bending or buckling. COLLAPSE AND PACK - Suited for smaller living spaces like dorm rooms, apartments, and more, this hamper collapses flat to hide away when not in use. Stash it under the bed, in a closet, or under the desk between loads. ON A ROLL - Integrated caster wheels make relocating a full hamper easier than ever. No more hefting a heavy laundry bag over your shoulder--simply grab the built-in handle and pull the unit across the floor with ease. MULTI-LOAD CAPACITY - Dual compartments, measuring a spacious 10ʺ W x 14.5ʺ D x 21.75ʺ H each, hold multiple loads of wash. Enjoy all the storage you need at hand for those heavy-duty laundry days. POLYESTER PROTECTION - Polyester fabric construction resists mold and stains and is easy to clean. Moisture-wicking material and a foldable lid ensure that no one will be able to smell your laundry from the next room. CONVENIENT CARRYING - Traveling downstairs with your laundry? The lightweight, durable construction and built-in handles make it more convenient than ever to carry your laundry where it needs to go. DAPPER DECOR - Stylish, minimalist design blends with your laundry room, dorm room, apartment, kids’ room, or any other interior decor. SIMPLE SETUP - Assemble your new laundry hamper in seconds--no tools required! DO MORE THAN STORE - Mind Reader home organization products provide you with affordable, quality solutions for your storage needs.