Michael Symon

Michael Symon Symon Home 3-piece Essential Kitchen Tool Set

Symon Home 3-piece Essential Kitchen Tool Set Chef Michael Symon wouldn't go a day in the kitchen without his essentials, and neither should you! With three must-have kitchen tools, this set will ensure you're always ready for meal prep. The swivel-blade peeler makes it easy to peel tough-skinned foods such as apples and potatoes, while the wide paddle grater is ideal for grating everything from hard cheese to coconut. Even the micro-serrated kitchen shears offer the performance you want when you're trying to get dinner on the table. You'll wonder how you ever went without them! What You Get 7-1/2" Peeler 8-1/4" Shears 10" Grater Use and care manual Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty Good to Know