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World Map Art '1800s World Map Triptych Large', Rustic Wall Decor on A

1800s World Map Triptych Large is a colonial style piece based on the original artwork by the talented artist Ben Judd. The original design has now been converted into a three panel giclee print, with all of the detail elements and attractive personality that the artist intended. This unique tiled display is perfect for decorating with a colonial emphasis. Because this world map art is crafted from strong, rigid materials with durable finishes, it is weather resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. These inherent qualities coupled with the creative artistry make this collection popular with high-end corporate settings, luxury hotels, and urban decorators. The design features crisp, clean hues of blue, brown, tan and green on acrylic with an attractive glossy finish. This rustic wall decor and historic artwork is a creative addition to our Colonial Style World Map Wall Art collection.