Metal Art Studio

Metal Art Studio RF Maple White Atomic Wall Clock - 23 in. Wide White Orange Beige

Dimensions: 23L x 23W in.. Mild-steel body with painted finish and retro-inspired design. Multiple color options to choose from. Smooth analog motion with easy-to-see hands. Ready to hang with standard hardware. Requires a single AA battery. The mid-century style is going to be around long enough that people are going to wonder which century the mid belongs to, and the Metal Art Studio RF Maple White Atomic Wall Clock - 23 in. Wide will still be keeping time when they do. This stunning, retro-inspired timepiece features layers of painted metal to create the motion and appeal that will make this a standout piece. You also have a full range of color options for the analog hands, allowing you to customize it to your space. The layered body of this clock is crafted from painted metal, using color and shape to create a real sense of depth and excitement. The innovative process that creates this piece uses high-quality opaque or transparent acrylic inks that allow the qualities of the metal substrate beneath to shine through, giving the image added texture. The metal body is durable and ready to hang, while the reliable analog motion moves smoothly under the power of a single AA battery. Each clock is fully assembled before shipping, but should replacement pieces become necessary, contact Metal Art Studio at 1-866-533-1339 or via email at Size: One Size - L0192.