Metal Art Studio

Metal Art Studio Blackout Rectangular Wall Clock Red, Size: 8.25 in.

Choose from available sizesPolymetal with jet-black painted finishChoose from available colors for analog handsSmooth analog motion with easy-to-see handsReady to hang with standard hardwareRequires a single AA battery. You'll definitely open the pod bay doors to let in the monolithic style of the Metal Art Studio Blackout Wall Clock. This stunning timepiece features a painted body of polymetal contrasted with the simple stark color of the analog hands. The hands are offered in multiple shades allowing you to pick the look that best suits your tastes. The innovative process that creates this piece uses high-quality opaque or transparent acrylic inks that allow the metal substrate to shine through giving the image added depth and texture. The metal body is durable and ready to hang while the reliable analog motion moves smoothly under the power of a single AA battery. Each clock is fully assembled before shipping but should replacement pieces become necessary contact Metal Art Studio at 1-866-533-1339 or via email at Size: 8.25 in. - L0178-L.