Migratory Bird Conservation Cotton Napkins (Set of 4) ME2Designs Handmade Table Decor

The handmade migratory birds napkins feature a variety of Migratory Birds Conservation stamps in different denominations and colors on a brown wood background, with an assortment of waterfowl featured on the stamps. These napkins are a great idea for a gift under $50. The set of four approx. 16.5" square premium 100% cotton napkins have hand-turned double-fold hems that have been straight stitched. The napkins are good for our environment. Just toss them in the wash and dry and they're ready to be used again and again. I wash and iron the napkins after sewing them, and they are ready to use. To view all my other handmade items that are available, just click on the ME2Designs link at the upper left side above the listing photo. Thank you for visiting!