McVERDI - Yellow Loose Fitted Corduroy Dress

A true McVERDI classic is here in our retro-looking wide corduroy. This dress feels with its loose A-silhouette and wrinkled skirt comfortable to wear. It has a cute and cool look at the same time. We have gradually sold this dress in many versions and know that it can dress both big and small and women of all ages. The corduroy dress can be used with pantyhose, but can also be used with pants underneath. Of course, the dress has pockets on the side. We really like it! The corduroy consists of 100% cotton and is strong and great to wear. However, one must take good care of the corduroy. Do not wash too hard and accept that over-ripped corduroy over time will get more 'glossy' areas where it is subject to a lot of wear - for example at elbows. The dress is designed in Denmark. The quality is produced in Italy, while the corduroy dress is sewn in Bulgaria, at a good family-owned factory.