McVERDI - Jacket With A-Line Silhouette

This coat is based on a anorak design and has all the nice features of an anorak - cosy pocket, width, a nice collar - BUT the coat has a zipper center in the front! So you can get the cosy anorak feeling, but still have a nice practical coat. The width in the back piece can easily be adjusted between outer fabric and lining and the coat has an inner pocket with press button closure. The jacket is one of our famous rubber outerwear, which are our absolute core product and have been in our collection since the company was established in 1987. We never get tired of this wonderful coat. It is the most suitable coats for Scandinavian/North European weather, because they are both windproof, very water resistant and lined with a woolen lining, which is warm and nice. The jacket has an outerfabric consisting of 65% cotton and 35% polyerethan, which gives the rubber-a-like-surface. The rubber surface makes the outer fabric windproof and water resistant, while the cotton makes it breathable. The jacket has a lining of 80% wool and 20% polyamid. The jacket is extremely easy to maintain. Just remove stains with damp cloth and air once in a while. The jacket can NOT be dry cleaned and not be washed. The coats has limited possibilities for washing BUT it has never been a problem in the almost 30 years we have been producing the coats. The outer fabric used for this jacket is produced in Italy by the same supplier through 30 years. The woolen lining is produced in Italy as well, while the jacket is sewn in Bulgaria.