MC Glass Art Inc.

Eagle on Branch, Glass Sculpture

A stunning beautiful Eagle on Branch is inspired this unique sculpture created by master of glass art Hung Nguyen. This stunning fine art glass sculpture is designed in details, hand crafted entirely by hand shaping borosilicate glass rods into unique designs and figures, a material known for its beauty and strength. Removable glass elements are set in a wood base painted black. Much of his art represents nature-flowers, animals, sea life-while some of his art is more abstract. You will find this unique, high-quality art work, and detail craftsmanship truly is one of a kind and is not duplicated through assembly production and signed individually by Hung Nguyen. His work can be found in corporate collections, famous people, and recognized with numerous awards in publications and exhibition. The beautiful Eagle on Branch is approximately 17 inches height, 11 inches width and 7 inches depth.