Mayne 36-Inch Rectangle Polyethylene Fairfield Window Box Black

Dimensions: 36L x 11W x 11H inches. Inside dimensions: 32L x 7.5W x 8D inches. Constructed of high-grade polyethylene. Sub-irrigation system reduces watering frequency. For outdoor use on a window or deck rail. Low maintenance and durable for all-season use. Product comes with a 15 year limited warranty. Choice of colors to match your home's exterior. Deck rail kit not included. Your window will seem to smile when you mount this planter box on the outside. The Mayne 36-Inch Rectangle Polyethylene Fairfield Window Box features an attractive double-frame exterior with decorative molding on the top and bottom. This window box planter is designed with an innovative sub-irrigation system, which reduces the frequency of watering by storing water in the base of the planter. The built-in water reservoir encourages healthy plant growth by allowing roots to absorb water as they need it from troughs in the bottom of the planter. That means you'll spend less time tending your plants and more time admiring your blooms. This planter is finished on all sides so you can even place it on your patio or porch. This attractive rectangular planter is made of high-grade polyethylene, which is a durable, low-maintenance material for all-season use. The planter looks like wood but requires none of the maintenance that outdoor wood planters need, such as painting and re-sealing. The planter comes with wall mount brackets that attach it to the outside of your window. If you wish to mount the planter on a deck rail, you will need to order a deck rail kit with three brackets, such as the Mayne Adjustable Deck Rail Bracket (item number MMI043), which is sold separately.How does the Sub-Irrigation Water Reservoir work? These patio planters include a trough design creating a sub-irrigation water reservoir at the bottom of the planter. Capillary action allows water in the reservoir to soak upward keeping the soil and plant roots moist. To avoid oversaturation an overflow hole is drilled through the outside wall allowing excess water to drain out from the planter. Regular watering is required for the first few weeks giving the root system time to develop. Once the roots have grown down to the troughs the plants will be able to pull moisture from the reservoir creating a self-watering effect. Size: One Size. Color: Black - 5822-B. read more