Maud 29.5'x21" Textured Home Wallpaper, 52 Sq. ft., Taupe

Chic and striking, this Maud 29.5' x 21" Home Wallpaper has the power to instantly transform a tired room into a sublime space that your guests will gravitate to. The 3D stereoscopic technology of this designer wallpaper adds gorgeous texture and dimension that you can't help but run your fingers over, while the long-lasting design brings major durability. This home wallpaper features a natural wood pulp construction and environmental-friendly design that add a touch of "green" style to your home. When considering your next home project, try out this modern wallpaper, which gives you the perfect combination of classic and contemporary style that looks great with a variety of decor schemes.* Made from all-natural wood pulp and water-based ink* Durable design that lasts* Safe for the environment for a 'green' effect* Odor-free and breathable* Unique and eye-catching 3D stereoscopic pattern