Maxima House

Invento Horizontal Wall Bed w/ Cabinet & Mattress, White/White, Europe

We are proposing innovative solutions for your dream living spaces, as we know how important every inch of your house or apartment is. A smart and reliable design of the Invento Wall Bed with a storage cabinet provide freedom to create a unique space of your living area. Wall Bed + 1 storage cabinet.Crafted from Laminated Chipboard, High Gloss fronts.European Twin Size mattress is included 35.4" x 78.7".Gas pressure springs mechanism; Has a lock to prevent self opening.The bed opens with a button click.The cabinet features 2 door cabinets with a shelf inside of each and 2 shelves in the middle.Dimensions of the cabinet: 87"W x 23.6"H x 16.5"D.Dimensions of the wall bed: 87"W x 42.9"H x 16.5"D (46.8" when open).100% made in Europe!