Mats Jonasson

Lion Couple Crystal Sculpture

The Lion Couple Crystal Sculpture features a male and female adult lion image and carefully painted detail. This perfect glass figure results from the exchanges between the glass master's careful working of the hot glass and the total precision of the engraver and the painter. Blown, etched and polished by the hands of master artisans, the exclusive crystal recipe picks up reflected light to provide remarkable clarity. Includes special gift box and biography of the artist. Limited to an edition of 299 piecesMade in Sweden with flawless Swedish crystalEngraved 3 dimensional color lion couple designA unique and exceptional expression of this artist's personal vision and talentsApproximate weight of 7 lbs. The ArtistMats Jonasson Crystal sculptures include tigers, bears, elephants, wolves, sea turtles and more, each crafted by glass artists in Sweden using the finest Swedish crystal. Astonishingly detailed lifelike designs are engraved into the back of the crystal, then either colored in vibrant hues or left unadorned, to be experienced through the dazzling flawless surface of the material itself. Roses, irises, sunflowers, orchids and more are rendered to inspire, and be admired, for generations to come. Mats Jonasson began as an apprentice engraver at The Glass Works in 1959. Over the next thirty years he worked with many of the most respected contemporary glass artists in Sweden. During this period, he developed his own wildlife related natural style that separates him from the rest. To use his own words, "Our forests have captured the hearts and minds of people since time immemorial. " And so has Mats Jonasson captured us. Mats and his company, which has been evolving and growing since 1981 in Maleras Sweden, contributes 5% of his company's proceeds on the sale of 12 of his wildlife sculptures, to an international organization that regulates the trade of international endangered flora and fauna species.