Matashi Crystal Candelabra Candlestick Holder (Holds 3 Candles)

Experience the beauty and warmth of a 3-candle candelabra that adds distinct lighting and a romantic flair to any room in your home. While traditional candlestick holders have their place nothing beats the style sophistication and beautiful look of a vintage Matashi Crystal Candelabra . This stunning crystal piece holds three of your favorite long-stem candles while the transparent design with small Matashi crystals inside the body lets light flicker and dance without detracting from the overall scene. Carefully crafted with a strong base each candelabra features three individual arms attached to a free-standing pillar body; perfect for holding in your hand or using as a centerpiece on your dining room table. Great as traditional decor or just for outdoor events get one today and add a beautiful touch to any experience! Product Details: *Crystal Candelabra *One-Piece Candlestick Holder (3 Candles) *Compatible with Long-Stem Candles *Beautiful Transparent Crystal *Strong Stable Base *Dimensions: 15"H x 11" Easy to Clean Maintain *