MasterPan Black Cast Aluminum 17 in Burner Grill Pan with Silicone Grips

Masterpan Cast Aluminum 17 In Burner Grill Pan With Silicone Grips. Grill meats and veggies in the comfort of your kitchen with the MasterPan Burner nonstick cast aluminum grill pan. Large, attractive, and expertly constructed, this item makes it easy to cook an entire meal with just a single pan, and is an ideal option for professional chefs and gourmet home-cooks alike. The pan’s ridges allow fat to flow off meat, just like it would drip between the grates of a grill, so a burger doesn't sit and boil in its own juices. Heat is distributed evenly throughout the surface of the pan for efficiently and thoroughly cooked food, without pesky hot spots. A 2-layer nonstick Xylan PFOA-free coating allows for both sleek style and high durability. Significantly more long-lasting than conventional non-stick cookware, this product is built to rise to the occasion every time. Check out MasterPan on Facebook to learn more! Large surface is ideal for cooking for a crowd: at 17 by 12 inches (L x W), the grill pan sits across two burners on a standard stovetop, creating an expansive cooking surface that's ideal for cooking for larger groups. The series of ridges on the pan's surface emulates the distinctive marks made by a barbecue grill and also collects fat runoff. Even Heat Distribution: Food cooks efficiently across the surface of the pan; no hot spots; oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. PFOA-free: nonstick coating for healthier cooking with less fat. Red Silicone Grips: contoured for a comfortable, secure hold so you don’t feel the heat. Cast aluminum construction: For fast, even heating and easy cleanup; warp-resistant base.