10 Must-Haves for Every Gardener

Martha Stewart watering her garden

Martha believes that your garden should be a place of life and laughter where you can share its pleasures, as well as its bounty of good harvest. To get the most out of your green space, it's important to use the proper tools. These 10 must-haves are multi-purpose and can be used to tackle a variety of tasks. Each has been approved by Martha and thoroughly tested on her farm, so you can be confident they'll perform for you. From planting new bulbs and maintaining seasonal blooms to routine cleanup, Martha has the functional tools to make your garden beautiful all year round.

Green garden gloves by Martha Stewart photo

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Protective Gloves

Just as it's important to have the right tool for the job, Martha knows that wearing the right pair of protective gloves is the key to gardening success. Make sure your gloves fit properly, provide enough flexibility, and are made from a breathable non-bulky material. These all-purpose gloves are made from woven rayon fabric and bamboo fibers for a cool shell, which allows your skin to breathe during strenuous gardening tasks. They also feature a nitrile-coated palm for a secure, non-slip grip. Naturally antibacterial and puncture and abrasion-resistant, you can be sure your hands stay clean, dry, and safe. Keep your gloves in working condition by washing them in warm, soapy water and hanging them to dry after each use. (Starting at $9; walmart.com)

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Green garden tote bag by Martha Stewart photo

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Multi-Use Tote Bag

A good garden tote bag allows you to drop it on the ground where the rim will stay open as you collect debris like rocks, leaves, and twigs before carrying it away easily on your shoulder. This garden tote bag is a heavy lifter for projects across your home and outdoor spaces. Martha uses it around her Bedford, New York, farm for tasks like collecting leaves, branches, and plant trimmings in the yard. But don't stop at the garden; it can also be used to carry kindling for the fireplace and transport the kids' sports equipment from the car to garage. Made from rugged, eco-friendly, rip-resistant woven polypropylene fabric with reinforced handles, seams, and shoulder straps, you can trust it won't break down on the job. When not in use, the semi-rigid material can be folded flat for compact storage. ($20; walmart.com)

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Garden secateurs with a leather protective pouch photo

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Easy Grip Secateurs

This multi-purpose hand tool is also known as pruning shears or hand pruners. The sharp stainless steel blades can cut small twigs and branches, prune potted plants, remove spent blooms from flowers, tidy indoor greenery, and trim back annuals and perennials. The ergonomic design of the handle provides a secure grip for effective one-handed use. Martha's designed her secateurs with a protective leather case to keep them in strong, working condition because she knows sharp tools are more effective, safer, and easier to use. ($50; walmart.com)

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Japanese hori hori knife with green handle photo

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Double-Edged Knife

Martha's been an avid gardener since she was young and knows all of the best kept secrets when it comes to caring for your lawn and garden. This bladed tool is one of those secrets that you'll want to share with everyone. The hori hori knife was developed in Japan and is particularly sharp and ergonomically designed. The double-edged blade features one side that has been sharpened straight and and another that is serrated. The durable stainless steel material is long-lasting and the wooden handle allows for a safe and comfortable grip. Use it to divide plants, cut branches and twine, dig out weeds and remove rocks, cut through stubborn weeds, and plant bulbs, flowers, and herbs. Another unique feature are the inch markings along the blade, ensuring your bulbs and greenery are planted at just the right depth. ($40; walmart.com)

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Expandable garden hose by Martha Stewart photo

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Expandable, Kink-Free Hose

When you water, it's important to water deeply. It encourages the plants to send roots farther into the soil, which aids them in times of drought, water-use restrictions, or simple neglect. Martha's expandable garden hose is lightweight, making it easy to carry from front yard to back for all of your watering tasks. The kink-resistant construction is highly flexible and specially designed to expand to two and a half times its original length. After use, it automatically retracts for quick and compact storage. Sturdy, dual-wall construction with leak-resistant PVC connections fits standard spigots, sprinklers, and irrigation accessories. It also includes four quick-connect adapters for accessories like nozzles, pressure washer, sprinkler, and one more to connect to the spigot. ($42; walmart.com)

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Electric Blower

An electric blower can help speed along light-duty, routine chores like sweeping the porch and walkways. It's also a quick way to clean up after planting new flowers, trimming shrubs, and weeding garden beds. Collect leaves and debris created from your flourishing garden in the fall and clear pathways of light snow in the winter. This light-weight version features a 10-amp motor and two speed settings for better control. It's space-saving size is just right for easy storage in the garage. ($40; walmart.com)

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Green electric hedge/shrub trimmer by Martha Stewart photo

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Electric Shrub and Hedge Trimmer

When gardening tasks take you to greater heights, it may be safer and more efficient to swap hand tools for electric pole tools. The telescoping pole of this shrub and hedge trimmer extends your reach up to 7.9 feet, providing up to 13 feet of overhead reach. The adjustable, pivoting head helps you navigate the undersides and tops of tall hedges. For optimal performance, the dual-action blade is made of durable, hardened steel. To prevent your tools from rusting, Martha recommends pouring a container of motor oil into a bucket of sand. Every time you use your tools, rinse them off, dry the blades thoroughly, and insert them into this grainy oil and sand mixture. ($100; walmart.com)

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Plant food developed by Martha Stewart photo

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All-Purpose Plant Food

Building up the soil is the most important part of preparing your garden for growing vegetables and flowers. Add a nutrient-dense plant food to your gardening routine for even healthier flower beds, vegetable gardens, trees, and shrubs. Martha's all-purpose plant food is made from the finest quality ingredients and is biologically enhanced with microbes to ensure superior plant growth. The natural organics break down gradually to provide long-lasting nutrition throughout the growing season. ($25; walmart.com)

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False bottom planter in white by Martha Stewart photo

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False Bottom Planter

This false bottom planter requires less soil and makes potted plants lighter and easier to move. The insert is removable and the holes improve soil aeration and drainage. The feet also aid in drainage and there's no need to place a water collection dish underneath. By elevating the planter, it preserves the bottom from deterioration and saves the surface it sits on from discoloration. Martha has used hers to grow citrus trees and loves the idea of planting topiaries, ferns, and small trees inside the planters–they can hold more than just flowers! Choose from stone grey and terracotta finishes in round and square shapes. Martha likes to create visual interest by mixing shapes in the same color. (Starting at $39; qvc.com)

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Faux wood planter by Martha Stewart photo

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Decorative Faux Bois Planter

The faux bois, meaning "fake wood," design of this indoor/outdoor planter is a beautiful way to add a rustic touch to your home. The bark-like texture is made from a lightweight material, giving the appearance of a tree stump without the density. Drainage holes and feet in the base allow excess water to easily escape. Growing your flowers in pots makes it easier to care for them as the seasons change. In warmer months, move plants around the yard to control how much sunlight they receive. When cold weather arrives, bring them indoors to avoid the extreme temperatures. (Starting at $28; qvc.com)

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