Maro - Silver Byzantine Bibi Earrings

Maro's Byzantine collection conveys protection, peace and beauty. Each of the silver Byzantine Bibi earring features two Byzantine elements of 1 and 3 cm respectively. The total length of the earrings is 4.2 cm. It is handmade in Hallmarked Sterling silver. The Byzantine collection is inspired by the delicate carved wooden latticework found on Mashrabiyas, wooden windows adorning homes, palaces, public and sacred places in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. These intricate carved details are traditional elements used in Arabic architecture since the middle ages. They convey protection, freshness, peace, quietness and beauty. Our Byzantine collection is made of etched metal, creating beautifully textured and unique surfaces. Silver pieces will naturally tarnish overtime but you can easily make them look gorgeous again by using a silver polishing cloth. Jewellery that is comprised of just silver without an oxidised finish can also be dipped in silver dip. This is an effective and easy method of getting a bright finish back on your jewellery. Gold plated items - also called Gold Vermeil - will fade overtime depending on how often you wear the piece. Avoid close contact of gold plated pieces with perfume or chemicals and try not to swim or shower with them as chlorine can permanently damage or discolour your gold vermeil jewellery. Polishing gold plated items will only make the fading process worse. If you would like your piece to be professionally cleaned, re polished and /or re plated, please email us before sending it to us. The best way to clean pieces with gemstones such as amethyst, tourmaline, citrine, smoky quartz, topaz and garnet is to dip them in soapy water, remove the dirt with a soft brush and rince well. Avoid exposure to heat. Pearls are more porous than most of the gems. Avoid any contact with perfume and wipe them clean with a soft cloth after wearing them as natural body oils can change their color.