Marble Products International

Oceanic Fruit Bowl, 14"

We bring you this priceless treasure to add that extra special touch to your home decor. Rising above everyday use, this bowl is perfect for displaying floating blooms, decorative spheres, fruit, or whatever you desire. Oceanic marble has a deep Gray base with light Gray invertebrates like the foraminifera, fusulinids, and some annelids in the marble. These bowls are hand crafted and are one of a kind, with no two looking just alike.Our decadent fruit bowl allows you to serve your favorite fruit to all your guestsDisplay in any room or you can use it to display specific holiday decorations to add a festive feel to any room in your homeDimensions: Height: 5" x Diameter: 14"Beautifully hand carved from a single piece of stone and richly polished for a high gloss finishEasy to clean with mild soap, hand wash only*Fruit not included