MALOUF Sleep TITE ENCASE OMNIPHASE Bed Bug Proof Waterproof Temperature Regulating Mattress Protector - Full, White

Most Advanced Mattress ProtectorThe ENCASE OMNIPHASE Mattress Protector is the most advanced mattress protector on the market. It incorporates three technologies- TENCEL fiber, OMNIPHASE material, and the patented H2PRO membrane- to create a moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and 100% liquid-proof mattress protector. The combined benefits of these technologies mean you will sleep comfortably and dry with complete encasement of your mattress.TENCEL Moisture Control FiberTENCEL moisture-wicking fabric absorbs and dries quickly, keeping you comfortable while you sleep. TENCEL botanical fiber is extracted from raw wood using a sustainable closed loop system. This unique fiber produces a moisture control fabric that is extremely effective. TENCEL is an exceptionally strong fiber and is more durable and easier to maintain than most cottons.OMNIPHASE Temperature Regulating FabricOMNIPHASE phase changing fabric absorbs, stores and releases heat as needed to create a comfortable sleeping climate in hot or cold conditions. Whether you're hot or cold, OMNIPHASE smart material will help maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.H2PRO Liquid Proof MembraneThe H2PRO Membrane backs this temperature-regulating protector, creating a completely liquid proof membrane on the top, bottom and all four sides. The laboratory-certified H2PRO Membrane has microscopic pores that allow air to permeate while blocking larger molecules like liquids, viruses, bacteria, dust mites and allergens, creating a liquid-proof, noiseless and breathable barrier.