Mai Couture

Mai Couture Blush Papier

What is it: A compact and portable book of Mai Couture blush infused on a soft, luxurious paper. Desperately seeking a dose of healthy-looking color? One sheet of Mai Couture Blush Papier will instantly boost the complexion without the need for messy brushes. Each Blush Papier sheet has lightly powdered pigment to give the complexion a natural-looking hint of shimmering hue. Who is it for: Anyone who wants a mess-free and convenient way to apply blush that's great for travel and on the go. Why is it different: These blush sheets brighten the complexion in seconds without the mess. No brush required. How do I use it: Tear a sheet from the booklet (one sheet is enough for both cheeks), then gently rub the colored side of the papier in a semi-circular motion up the apples of the cheeks. For added depth of color, repeat motion with added pressure. Discard after each use. From Mai Couture.