Made on Terra

Daisy Pattern On Lime Green Thin Cork Coaster Set of 4

You're just cleaning up after your epic party when you realize it... something's different. Unlike all those other times, you're not mopping up cup condensation from your counters and tables. This time, everyone used a coaster. Everyone. Maybe it's because you handed out a coaster with every glass. No. You've tried that before. No, this time it's because of the actual coasters. You found the cutest Made On Terra printed cork coasters. You love that everyone commented on how unique they were from the light-weight, thin cork material to the printing that creates a cool and subtle effect. Plus, they're really absorbent, but dry quickly. And they're made from an eco-friendly, sustainable resource, so that makes you feel pretty great, too. Choose from Made on Terra's many fabulous cork coasters. Measures 4" x 4" x 1/8". Made of thin cork. Super cute and nicely absorbent. Sold in sets of four.