Luna Candle Co.

Lemon Soy Scented Jar Candle Luna Candle Co.

Luna Candle Co. Lemon Scented Jar Candle, 11oz. Glass, Soy Wax, Up to 110 Hours of Burn Time, Aromatherapy, Sugary Sweet Scent, Handcrafted in The USA Made with the finest ingredients, Luna Candle Co. offers you a variety of your go-to fragrances. Our luxurious soy blend wax burns evenly leaving very little residue on the glass to create the best quality burn possible. With our perfect sized 11 ounce candle, you'll get the longest burn while enjoying all of your 'happy moments' - a get-together with your favorite friends, a cozy Sunday afternoon at home, or to accompany you when you celebrate with loved ones. Our wicks are specially tested and chosen for each individual fragrance to ensure the best burn time results possible (Up to 110 hours burn time).The best part? Our fun and unique glasses can be reused as home decor. Lemon - Pucker up! When life gives you lemons, choose the fragrance of our sweet-n-tart, but sugary lemon scented candle. Top Notes: Zesty Lemon Peel Middle Notes: Leafy Green and twig nuances Base Notes: Sweet-n-tart sugary lemon Looking to purchase our candles as a gift? Check out our special gift packs and unique candle sets that are sure to fit any occasion or event! Luna Candle Co.