Louis Poulsen

Doo-Wop Pendant Light by Louis Poulsen - Color: White - Finish: White - (5741919947)

Louis Poulsen worked closely with the Navy Buildings Department in the 1950's to develop the Doo-Wop Pendant Light which at the time became known as “The Navy Pendant.” That nickname denotes its unique lighting properties and utility characteristics. The Doo-Wop Pendant Light was pulled from Louis Poulsen in the 1980's and remained only available through antique stores and auctions until recent years. Due to high demand, Louis Poulsen re-launched the Doo-Wop Pendant using the same production methods such as the hand spun shades completed with the fine rolled edge.The white lacquered inner reflector provides a soft downwards light while the outer reflector, or main shade, spreads and diffuses the light. There is an opening in the inner reflector that illuminates the inside of the main shade, casting light upwards as well as downwards. Formed over seventy years ago when renowned Danish architect, Poul Henningsen, came together with Louis Poulsen and began to combine a brilliant mix of technology and design to craft influential lighting. Shape: Abstract. Color: White. Finish: White