Louis Poulsen

Cirque Pendant Light by Louis Poulsen - Color: Turquoise - Finish: Red Top - (5741919811)

The Cirque Pendant Light from Louis Poulsen was inspired by a trip to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The horizontal bands of color are an interpretation of the bright colors merging together as carousels, wheels of fortune, and other rides spin quickly, blurring everything together. The fun and vibrant colors paired with the organic shape make for an unconventional and innovative design.The Cirque Pendant Light is made from aluminum and is offered in three sizes and color combinations. The inside is painted matte white to diffuse and reflect the downward light, providing soft and comfortable glare-free illumination. Both durable and vibrant, this pendant light is extremely versatile and is perfect for adding a pop of color to modern kitchens and living rooms, or can be clustered together for a more dramatic effect. Formed over seventy years ago when renowned Danish architect, Poul Henningsen, came together with Louis Poulsen and began to combine a brilliant mix of technology and design to craft influential lighting. Shape: Teardrop. Color: Turquoise. Finish: Red Top