Loon Peak

Samantha All-Weather Personalized Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat Loon Peak

This is the most durable, elegant, all-weather personalized doormat available. It doesn't fade in direct sunlight and won't shed like traditional messy coir mats. This doormat is anti-bacterial, don't mold or mildew and water quickly evaporate. Its low-profile design helps to avoid trip hazards and interference with door sweeps. This doormat is soft enough to walk on but rough enough to catch the dust and dirt. Cleaning is a breeze, use a broom or vacuum for light dusting or hose off with water to remove heavier soiling. This doormat is CNC precision inlaid, not printed and is finished with a non-slip backing that keeps them in place. They simply look and perform better than any other entry mat on the market today. Loon Peak