Loon Peak

Bollman Solid Wood Dining Table Loon Peak Size: 30" H x 44" W x 84" L

This product is handmade in India from start to finish. Many traditional methods are used in the construction of these unique accent pieces for two reasons, which are preserving the art and skills and providing the artists with a respectable job. The individual workmanship may cause slight differences in measurements and finish. Manufacturer and all their customers understand that the imperfect nature of the wood, fabric and finishing methods create a unique and spirited look that is a part of the charm and appeal of the product. This is an ideal table top for durability. This is a handmade solid Sheesham wood table top. This is one of the hardest woods available. It is indigenous to India and it has been kiln dried and chemically treated to last a lifetime. This piece is heirloom quality and extremely dramatic is appearance. Loon Peak Size: 30" H x 44" W x 84" L