LMJ - Brown Picasso Jasper Stone Ring

This ring from the Origin Collection has been crafted from 925 Sterling Silver with Brown Picasso Jasper Stone. This collection is a homage to Mother Earth's beauty through timeless designs with exotic stones and innovative metal textures. Immersed in Nature, I sense the beauty of Mother Earth, Awed by the innumerable eons of her journey from birth; She has been here for four and a half billion years, Faltering and thriving through change without fears; She lends me her oceans, mountains, and flowing streams, Caring for her playground enriches how I live my dreams; Exotic stones from her deepest bedrock shine light on her journey, Reminding me to embrace the past and lead a life that is worthy; Ten thousand generations hence, Mother will continue to be, Wearing a glimpse of her beauty is a true honor for me. Keep it dry. Preserve it in our elegant box when not in use. Keep it clean. 925 Sterling Silver. Brown Picasso Jasper. Special Texture.