Lloyd Pans Kitchenware

LloydPans Kitchenware USA Made Hard-Anodized 12 Inch Perforated Deep Dish Pizza Pan

12 Inch Round, Perforated Deep Dish Pizza Pan. The solution to keeping deep dish pizza crust from getting soggy. The unique raised center perforations on this pan prevent crust from becoming soggy and stop flavored oils under the dough from pouring out while baking. This pan should not be pre-seasoned, saving you time and effort. The permanent, easy release coating replaces any seasoning needed, is metal utensil safe and will never flake or peel off. Round Easy Grip Rim. Hard Anodized for Exceptional Durability. PTFE Free, Water-Based Release Coating. Easy Clean Up. Heat Safe to 700 Degrees F. NOTE: Beauty Marks: These are commercial grade pans designed for excellent performance. We do not spend extra time and expense to make them "look" good if it does not affect performance. These pans have small production marks on the rim or on one of the perforations from anodizing. They have been finished with a non-toxic, quartz-like mineral based release coating and will not chip/flake at those spots. These marks will not degrade the performance in any way and are normal on all pans.