Lladro Oriental Lioness Black Figurine

Lladro Oriental Lioness Black 01001984 Size: 18.5 Inches Tall x 21.75 Inches Wide x 10.25 Inches Long Genuine Lladro Fine Porcelain Lladro Assurance Program Registration Forms Included Released in 2013 Both the black gres and the enamels used were chosen to enhance the sense of antiquity transmitted by the Lladro Black Oriental Lioness 01001984. The more restrained, earthy coloring brings to mind the stone finish of the original sculptures. Oriental Lions are usually presented in pairs and the position with regards to the entrance is (seen from the front) the female on the left and the male on the right. The Lladro Black Oriental Lioness 01001984 has a cub under her paw, representing the cycle of life. There are no lions in China and it was Buddhist monks coming from India who started to spread the depiction of lions as protectors of temples and palaces. The Lladro Oriental Lioness 01001984 is based on these ancient depictions and appears more like a dog because the original artists had never seen a real lion.