Little Pieces

Stained Glass Mosaic Vase in Deep Blue and Purple for Mother's Day Violet Bouquets

*Vase only. Flowers and other items shown are decorative examples of use and not included.* Do a little extra for Mom like she does for the family and instead of the clear glass or worse yet, plastic vase that the florists use, show off her bouquet in a quality, gorgeous stained glass mosaic vase that she will be able to admire long after her blooms fade. Stained glass vase in deep blues and purples. Pretty geometric pattern stained glass mosaic vase with rectangular hand-cut tile in a variety of blues and purples, including specialty glass. If you look closely, you can see some of the glass has a pleasing texture. Stands ~7.25" tall, 3.25" diameter. Glass on glass mosaic with opaque, semi-transparent, and translucent glass. This vase has a pleasant, pretty quality to it and is perfect for all types of bouquets.