Liora Manne

Liora Manne NTR12209624 Natura Summer Pineapple Warm Outdoor Welcome Coir Door Mat, 18" X 30",

Our welcome Pineapple mat livens up any outdoor space adding color and personality to your entryway. Natura coir doormats are durable and beautiful. Crafted from 100% coir which is an all-natural material known for its strength. Coir is , made from natural fibers which are extracted from the outer shell of a coconut known for its strength and durability. Natura coir mats feature a durable vinyl back and a stiff, durable natural coir front Perfect for wiping shoes before entering the home, keeping it tidy. They are available in a wide variety of designs ranging from classic and inspirational to nautical patterns. Dyes saturate the fibers for long-lasting color.