Fairy 1 - Light Single Globe LED Pendant Leucos Shade Color: Fading Chrome

The three fairy pendant shapes (cylinder, geoids, and spheres) were originally designed by Toso, Massari & Associates (with G. Toso) in 2009 and then updated in 2017 to include four new metallic finishes and a table lamp. The simple yet clever design is made from a simple borosilicate crystal shape that folds into itself to create a beautiful ribbed core. This creates a dazzling lighting effect that is extenuated by the metallic finishes. The fairy pendants can be grouped into 1,3,5 (or even larger) group configurations that can be hung either concentrically or asymmetrically. The fairy table lamp comes on a minimal metal base that pairs perfectly with is the simple outer shape and contrasts with its delicate decorative ribbed core. Leucos Shade Color: Fading Chrome