Aella 1-Light LED Dome Pendant Leucos

Aella, the ancient Greek word for a whirlwind, was the first Amazon warrior who lunged at Heracles. Gaining inspiration from this, Toso & Massari designed the Aella table lamp in 1968. In 2016, the original designers reimaged the classic Aella shape as a pendant, ceiling lamp, and wall lamp. In 2017, the designers reshaped the icon glass vortex into three new sizes and shapes, Aella bold, Aella thin, and Aella mini. To this day, the Aella captures the essence of a whirlwind in hand blown glass and creates a stunning vortex of light floating in the diffuser. This vortex of light represents Leucos’s vision of taking tradition handcrafted techniques and giving them a fresh contemporary point of view. Leucos