LeJu London - Single Wrap Bracelet With Sterling Silver Beads & Pyrite Stone Details

This beautifully handmade bracelet features sterling silver beads and pyrite stone details skillfully incorporated as the bracelet is hand woven using polyester threads. This bracelet is a jewelry box must have as it will compliment your wardrobe effortlessly. Pyrite stone details. Polyester threads. Sterling silver beads. Adjustable Bracelet. Our jewellery is handmade in Colombia The designer of our brand Lenny Trines is from the Netherlands. Most of our bracelets and necklaces can be worn in the shower and even in the water allowing you to swim with them on. All the metals we used in the making of our jewellery consist of Sterling Silver, Bronze, 14k Gold and rose gold filled. All bracelets are handwoven using polyester threads and Japanese seed beads (glass beads).