Leftover Hippies Incense

Palo Santo Incense Sticks - 12 Pieces - All Natural, Hand Rolled Herbal Incense

My palo santo incense is made with real ground palo santo wood which is a very special and sacred wood from Peru. It has a distinctively sweet smell which only develops in the branches once they have naturally fallen from the tree and laid on the ground for a number of years. Cutting a branch from the tree would not produce the same smell, and so it would seem, this "holy wood" as it is also called, has it's own built-in protection from poaching! It is naturally very resinous, so I mix some white sandalwood in, (which, as always with me, is a sustainably-harvested variety) more to add to the combustibility of the wood than to lend any of its own scent. Each 4" stick burns for about 25 minutes and has a warm sweet and woodsy scent which is cleansing, purifying and strengthening.